Direction: Orlando Izzo & Annalì Rainoldi

Dramaturg and musics: Annalì Rainoldi

Performer: Orlando Izzo

with Voice over: Ear Test


CSC - Centro per la Scena Contemporanea di Bassano del Grappa / Electa Creative Arts / Corpografie

Selected for

DaDa - Giovane danzautore d'Abruzzo / ANTICORPI XL



Suspended realities in an aphonic universe. Contrails of reticent vibrations. The story of researching an equilibrium absorbed through a wave which intercepts the soul of a body while projecting itself toward nothing.





How can a body to interpret the silence?


Measure the space.

Measure the space through the body.

Measure a space without the sound through a body devoid of sound.

Sound the space through sonorous and vibratory waves to know external area.

VIB – vibrations in body.” is a study on the specific and different quality of moviment in the need that moves the body to explore the inner and outer area.

Coordinates of detailed space, time dictated by functional articulatory, pragmatic and necessary ability.



My research was born from a strong personal motivation that directed my interesting toward the necessity  to highlight a theme ignored by many.


The deafness isn’t seen in its downside anymore but it’s studied in its various aspects which open a new and “unexplored” world.


The personal experience is the driving force of all the work and the necessity to discover how the body reacts to the silence is the central idea of the performance.