- work led by Antonello Tudisco as guest choreographer for the BTT


Choreography/direction and dramaturgy/ Antonello Tudisco

Music / various authors and original music from Concetta Cucchiarelli


Ane Anza Mendizabal / Kristin Furnes / Viola Scaglione /Denis Bruno / Marco De Alteriis / Manolo Perazzi

light design / Marco Giusti

Production / BTT - Balletto Teatro di Torino

Co-production /Teatro Bellini di Napoli - Gruppo E-Motion 

In collaboration with Accademia Albertina di Belle Arti di Torino





The history of the Lavanderia a Vapore is marked, in my opinion, by the eternal concept of mutation. This place was born from the need to transform the site of a monastic building into a place for mental and physical rehabilitation, and therefore it is a space which by its very nature is changeable, which by men was constructed and by men is inhabited and contaminated. People who through their actions use water and machines, who generate energy…indeed steam (vapore), but words and feelings as well. And so we have architecture which becomes a space for action, a theater in which the action of the body becoms art and transforms the “skin” of the building once again.

I would like to extrapolate this reflection to immagine a continuous relationship between place and bodies in which we can create an act of performance which permits the space to transform one more time.

Seeing as steam naturally tends to transform into air- the new state of the material which gave it life- the actions generated by a body/material give testimony to this in the same way by becoming elements of a spatial “architecture” which absorbs experiences and demonstrates them concretely.

The many questions which come to mind thinking about steam, bodies and actions will be the subject of an investigation with all of the artists involved, and our hypothetical answers will become an object which will seep into the Lavanderia and become part of the eternal transformation of the place. (Antonello Tudisco)




Tech/ 6 dancers - Duration/ 60 minutes  


Premiere 7th November 2014