direction /choreography /lights Antonello Tudisco

dancer Gaetano Montecasino

Production Interno5

with the support of Italian Ministry of Culture 

artistic residence START/Naples (Italy)  and  DERIDA DANCE CENTER / Sofia (Bulgaria)




"That's it - I believe that over the course of time the experience of the Beautiful has always been

the feeling that one has standing with our back to something which we are not and in no way want to be part of.

It is in the distance that we find the thin line with separates the experience of beauty from other forms of passion."

(Umberto Eco, History of Beauty)


The project would like to probe the relationship between body and society,

beginning with an analysis of the photographs of R. Mapplethorpe,

in order to find a conception of "beautiful" which is a synonym of "real" (pursuit of purity) and not of ephemeral.

This is research on action as a "perfect form" which sees the body as a non-ephemeral landscape which,

in the fulfillment of its action, is understood in its essence. Individuals, with their bodies, tell stories and lives

which model their movement and the actions which they carry out in their daily lives - a baggage of experiences,

emotions, and relationships which inescapably shape their physicality. Thus we have a corporality which becomes

synonym of beauty, no longer general  (or better - generalist) but pertinent and specific to the individual, different from

person to person just like a fingerprint.

But can such a form of beauty, if seen as a work of art, become in its way a Pop icon? The very same concept of beauty

is subjective and as such susceptible to different interpretations and certainly its assimilation to a collective Pop unconscious

aprioristically alters its meaning, relegating the body to a purely aesthetic interpretation, of postcard beauty, failing to restore

the real and the realistic as well as its truthfulness.


Thus the concept of beauty becomes an idea which is central to research on communication of the real and the concrete

in each of us, as such concepts are synonyms of a concrete and passional beauty which is anything but aesthetic and ephemeral.