Whispers_the voice of the body


concept and choreography Antonello Tudisco

creating performers Alessandra Bordino/Francesco Colaleo/Roberta De Rosa/Stefano Roveda/Davide Valrosso

drammaturgy Domenico Ingenito

lighting design Marcello Falco/Raffaele Di Florio/ Antonello Tudisco

music design Dario Casillo

co-production Movimentale Festival, artgarage, Körper, Interno5, PIM OFF


"The people here doesn’t want to go because there are afraid that once they live, perhaps when they will back,  they will not find anything"


A group of dancers. A collective. A family of brothers, how react to the movement of the earth?

6 collective and autonomous  re-actions for a creation about destruction of what remains. As  an extreme attempt to continue to be vital, even as we stand in a tragic condition.

No one tells us that the body vitality will win over  the tragic But sometimes it’s all to be ready to fight.


Our work  analyzes a post-earthquake situation,  in which  the space / action generated by a "fracture" becomes a new element on which to act and re-act. The main ground of our research  is the artwork of the great artist Joseph Beuys called  "Terremoto” (Earthquake)  that was realized in the 1980 for an exhibition in Naples, that wanted to investigate the theme of the earthquake after the disastrous event happened in that tome near the city. In that artwork, the common objects, so strongly characteristics of their function, are treated through a contextualization of their original function, the appearance of "relics survivors." The setting has the power to engulf the objective observationas in an implosion,  and the audience can be put into “ a function”  to observe the objects / bodies, while the space action give the intention of odors, moods, gestures that explore the unfathomable, seeking the causes and effects.


The entire video here 

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Tech:6 dancers  Duration: 60 min  Premiere: Fall 2012