concept and choreography Antonello Tudisco

dancer Emanuele Esposito
lighting design Marcello Falco


production Interno5/festival Movi|mentale



The figure of Sebastian as man, to the limit of a relationship among his tied up being to the power and the interest toward a different world from that in which alive.
Departing from the analysis of the movie Sebastienne of Derek Jarman and from the Martyrdom of St. Sebastian of Gabriele D’annunzio, we investigate the relationship between signs of the contemporary language and that ancient and as the two can become formal elements for a study on the figure of a man and his to exist, defining his own code of communication in the space, that also delineates the confinements of affiliation. 



Tech: 1 dancer  Duration: 30 min  Premiere: 2010 Marathon of Unexpected at the Biennale danza in Venice.