Re-Live Finki 


concept Antonello Tudisco

creating perfromers Alessandra Bordino/ Francesco Colaleo/ Roberta De Rosa/ Gennaro Maione / Stefano Roveda

Residency project under the residency program of PVC – Theater Freiburg 

Finkenschlag – July 2012


Co-productions Artgarage (Naples), PVC (Freiburg) 


The first time we was in the Finkenschlag , we felt that the time was frozen and that everything was lying as the last that day the space was left. Every object seemed suspended in a non-real time, as if everyone had it been left there by people who had fled suddenly. The feeling was as a place struck by an earthquake, when the scene stops at the last moment lived. And those objects they took me to a particular artwork of Joseph Beuys, with whom I found some strong similarities.


Therefore, the possibility of giving birth to the movements and gestures from the experience of objects and the history of the Finkenschlag is one of the two elements as the base for the performance. The other one was the relationship with the Italian community in Freiburg. It was really interesting to hear stories and anecdotes related to being and feeling Italians in Germany. So, We used  the stories we thought was more interesting for setting up the performance. We realized a space for a "typical Italian dinner" in which the public was invited to participate. The space was filled with smells and sounds that can evoked Italy (without falling into cliches) and people, once placed around the dining table, theay were able to assist and participate in the dinner/performance, creating a single performative big event midway between a dinner with friends and a bacchanal.

Every gesture, action and sound, was created by artists starting from the objects finded into the residency space and that was reinvented and also by the "italian" stories heard.