NEFES/respiro _Every Human Being is an artist_


concept and choreography Antonello Tudisco

dramaturgy Antonello Tudisco / Domenico Ingenito

assistant Domenico Ingenito

lighthing design Marco Giusti

music design Dario Casillo

creating performers Luca Cacciapuoti/Luisa Memmola/Manolo Perazzi/Giuseppe Paolicelli/Tommaso Serratore/Elisabetta Violante

photography/stage setting Renato Esposito


production Italian Cultural Ministry / Region Campania 

co-production Rete Piccoli Teatri Metropolitani /Cultural association Interno5 / Collettivo NaDa / Theatre Bellini (Naples)

Prizewinner for the Campania Region of notice “Teatri del Tempo Presente”, by the Italian Ministry of Cultural Assets and Activities. 




“You were not made to live your lives as brutes, but to be followers of virtue and knowledge. “


Nefes is part of a two-year project on Joseph Beyus’ artistic work. “Every  man is an artist” is a conception  strictly embodied by creative commitment, which should be and can be afforded by everyone who is able to shape his way of being and  living.

Nefes faces boundaries between man and art which  becomes  the main concept,  as much essential as breathing, in order to overcome everyday limit and let us live our lives not as brutes.

Some people placed  in a certain time and space, built,  through everyday action, a dialogue with audience who recognize themselves in such creative act without feeling disoriented.


The entire video here 

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Tech:6 dancers  Duration:60 min  Premiere:Fall 2013