concept Antonello Tudisco/Anthony Lo-Giudice

creating performers Rachel Jean Birch/Molly Hodkinson/ Emanuele Esposito/ Davide Valrosso/ Giuseppe La Regina/ Alessandra Bordino/ Luisa Memmola/Shelley Brettle


co-production Movimentale Festival/artgarage/


Through the exploration of themes that epitomise the era of 'The Baroque', an assemblage of research between Anthony Lo-Giudice, Antonello Tudisco and 6 international dance artists to build up a choreography that was delve into the drama, tension, exuberance and sexuality of one of history's most powerful tools in religious and secular absolutism.
Evoking the spectacle of sex and the sacred through form, space, relationship, motion and humanity, this work was question and explore "The Baroque Machine", especially the drama and the sensuality of Neapolitan Baroque,  that threw passion, sensuality and power into peoples faces and continues to have an imposing impact on western art as we see it.

First Residency May 2013 - second  residency August 2013 First premiere by Lo-Giudice dance Company in Jannuary 2014.