concept and drammaturgy Antonello Tudisco

lighting design Marcello Falco/Antonello Tudisco

creating performers Luca Cacciapuoti/Francesco Colaleo/Stefano Roveda

live music design Dario Casillo


co-production Movimentale Festival/Interno5/artgarage


"[...] Everything happens as if the intention of the other lived my body or as if my intentions were living his " (M. Merleau-Ponty, The primacy of perception)



IN.CO. is an art project that investigates the patterns of incommunicability among people...



What happens when people live/experience the same space in different ways? And when, even if touching, they do not come in contact because of differing communication codes?

Deaf eyes can have a dialogue with a blind hearing?

What would probably happen is that a spectator (or ­an outside viewer) would still have a more unitary experience of this multifariously lived space than all of its characters; this, even if the characters were to all live it in the very same way. Here, the distinct movements, the diverse perspectives and the different uses of objects – as "chiaroscuros” drawing shapes – produce an acting space which is clearer to the outside gaze than to that of those inhabiting it.  

Therefore the characters’ incommunicability makes the spectator live their "world-space" in its wholeness. As a result, space and spectator enter in direct communication. 


An area of action where the characters apparently act disjointedly, in contact with their own worlds, isolated from each other. They act in the same place and probably strive towards the same goal, however, each moment of contact paradoxically becomes a "non place" where incommunicability is exasperated and differences are heightened. It happens then that an element, apparently direct and simple, becomes the link of conjunction between the two worlds that come in direct communication with each other. Or at least they try to...


Maybe it is only a pun, but perhaps incommunicability can become in-communicability. That is to say "inside" communicability, and therefore maybe fully communicable...



The first phase of study investigated the relationship between light and space and sound. This interrelation, together with actions, influences the acting space to the point that it becomes a dramatic element in itself and supports the narrative thread provided by the language of bodies and movements. This relationship went even more evident in later phases of study.


The entire video here

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Tech: 3 dancers  Duration: 50 min  Premiere: summer 2012