Perpetual Perfomance for two perfomers

Concept Antonio Montanile

Dancers Alessandro Sollima, Nicolas Grimaldi Capitello

Production Interno 5 Naples - IT

Residencies Premiere Garage Nardin. Bassano del Grappa, KOMM TANZ/ Compagnia Abbodanza START / CREARE. CampaniaTeatro Area Nord – Naples - IT 



“Sono morto perché non ho desiderio, non ho desiderio perché credo di possedere, credo di che non si è niente, vedendo che non si è niente, si cerca di divenire, desiderando divenire, si posse- dere perché non cerco di dare. Cercando di dare, si vede che non si ha niente, vedendo che non si ha niente, si cerca di dare se stessi, cercando di dare se stessi, si vede vive” (René Daumal)


“I died because I had no wish anymore. I have no wish because I think that I possess things and that happen as I don’t think I will give anythings. Trying to give is like you don’t have nothing, and for that reason you try to give yourselves up.

It seems that you’re nothing, and if you realize that, than you try to become someone or something, and doing that you are living “ (René Daumal)


The Daumal concept is the starting point of my new choreographic research called BIMBY: The unceasing research to have answers for any kind of deeper question we have, is part of the human life.
The research will go deeper into investigating the physical aspect of the perpetuity, which is something that has infinity and that as a continuing during the time. So if it will happen into the performing act meanings that will include a certain point before and after the event. In that time and space in between, the two performers will interact and compared.

BIMBY turns, blend, twirling, reshuffle.

The vortex that, like a kid, eat and phagocyte all things, can transform and recreate hisself. Any single part of the dramaturgy, create by bodies, lights, sound, objects, are partes of a perpetual motion sometime excessive and compulsive.
The fire of the action (slight, blazing, sleepy, sudden) will be powered by ideas and unsuccessfully, in which the movements will be part of story telling showed only as an collateral effect.


BIMBY incarnate the challenge of tread different dramaturgical times through rationality and irrationality. Through the reiteration and the dynamic and merciless law, will reach the exasperation that will restart till fail and try again like to transcend and restart.