Across The Border

a journey into the Beauty


choreography and direction Antonello Tudisco

assistant to the dramaturgy Domenico Ingenito

Light Designer  Giuseppe Di Lorenzo

Musics different authors

dancers: Francesco Russo, Orlando Izzo, Gaetano Montecasino, Flavio Ferruzzi, Angelo Petracca, Rino Rivetti



Production Interno5 danza / collettivo NaDa - residency Teatri Associati / Naples

with the support of MIBACT - Italian Ministry of Culture 



Breaking the boundaries that space draws and reaching past the limits that human contact creates while still staying true to beauty. This is what we explore daily to address the issues of limits and borders. Many figures from different art forms have accompanied us on this journey. 

As the unfinished bodies of  the “Prigioni” (Prisons) of Michelangelo, appear to be leaving their marble blocks, they living on the border of becoming  yet being undefined.  They appear to be  on a border that gives them the infinite possibility to appear  in different forms.

Being on the borderline they are able to present two kinds of beauty, the finished form, the perfect bodies, but also the possibility to show an other ideal of beauty whos essence is  unfinished. Like in the Mapplerthorpe photographs where  the bodies carry their own lives, that can leave the confines of the photograph. The image lives within the present  moment that it was taken, but also of border and leaves us to imagine what was before and what was after the moment the picture was captured

Works from different periods and languages pose the main question we try to answer with our work: How can we challenge preconceived beauty?

Which movement can free us from the prisons Michelangelo created for us and once we are free, how can we convey the message to others through body language and performance?

A constantly evolving artwork where to start anew, one must not treat limits as a destination but as a point of departure