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Artistic direction, choreography: Antonello Tudisco

Dramaturgy: Vincenzo Ambrosino and Domenico Ingenito

Lighting design by Giuseppe Di Lorenzo

Scenography Rosita Vallefuoco

Gina Oliva costumes

Music Chiara Mallozzi

Scene photo Sabrina Cirillo 

Dancers Gaetano Montecasino, Lia Gusein Zade, Gerardo Di Pietro, 

Lukas Lizama and Valeria Petroni

Production manager Hilenia De Falco

Interno5 production with the support of the MIC - Italian Ministry of Culture

Co-production Le Granit Scene Nationale de Belfort

Artistic residencies at Teatro Area Nord of Naples and La Cooperative SN of Belfort 


"Pietas" is the second part of an artistic project that began in 2019 with the show "Act of Mercy". It was born from a question "what would happen if humanity lost the feeling of pity?’

Pietas is structured as a fragmented parable; the engine of its action is the mysterious cry of a child whose origin the dancers instinctively and unfruitfully seek. 

Their search leads them through 3 painful stations that represent fractured moments of denied pity towards 3 characters: a terminally ill mother, a homeless man beaten to death in general indifference, and the poet Pier Paolo Pasolini massacred in a circumstance, still obscure after many years. The show is inspired, in part by Michelangelo’s work, which is entwined with Pasolini's poetics, with an in-depth analysis of the "miraculous" and "religious" vision of the world even if far from a confessional setting as the poet himself declares in a famous interview.


The parable ends with an unexpected fact, a glimmer of light and a sign of hope and regeneration that for a moment drives away the ghosts of guilt, but perhaps only for the ephemeral duration of a



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