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workshop of contemporary dance and choreographic composition about the theme of Metamorphosis, led by Antonello Tudisco

Naples 15th- 20th July 



Metamorphosis is change, physical and mental transformation, which helps to discover new imaginaries, new spaces in which to act and live.

Metamorphosis as a passage from one state to another, from one identity to another, from one semblance to another. In the laboratory we will investigate this passage: what happens to our body when we transform?

In contemporary dance it becomes more and more fundamental to understand what are the stimuli that lead us to express our individuality as artists, exploring alternative and supportive ways of interaction. An approach that emphasizes the methods of creation that take into consideration the expressive potential of diversity.

The workshop is therefore intended as a work on the body and its identity, in relation to oneself, to others and to the space/environment that surrounds us.

During an intensive period of 5 days we will work on the creation of a physical score which will have its final result in a demonstration of sharing with the public.

We will deepen, individually, but also in pairs or in groups, through exercises standing or on the floor, in improvisation and with learned choreographic material, the technical and expressive potential of the body, we will make physical processes aware and we will develop qualities to experience a process of artistic creation.

We will do it through different approaches to contemporary dance, insights from improvisational and choreographic practices.

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