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choreography and direction Antonello Tudisco

assistant dramaturgy Domenico Ingenito

Light Designer Giuseppe DiLorenzo

Music by different authors

dancers: Orlando Izzo, Gaetano Montecasino, Francesco Russo, Flavio Ferruzzi, Angelo Petracca, Rino Rivetti

Interno5 production with the support of the MIC - Italian Ministry of Culture

residence Theaters Associates / Naples 


Breaking the boundaries that space draws and going beyond the limits that human contact creates while remaining faithful to beauty. This is what we explore on a daily basis to address issues of limits and boundaries. Many figures from different art forms have accompanied us on this journey. The properties of spaces that seek to be perfect, Michelangelo's 'The Prigioni' (Prisons) where we see the concept of bodies trapped in marble for eternity unable to escape what they are, and above all Robert Mapplethorpe's photography which has continuously tried to capture the beauty in statuesque bodies. Works from different eras and languages pose the main question that we try to answer with our work: how can we challenge preconceived beauty? What movement can free us from the prisons Michelangelo created for us and once we are free, how can we convey the message to others through body language and performance? An ever-evolving work where to start afresh you don't have to treat the limits as a goal but as a starting point

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