Artistic Direction

Antonello Tudisco


general managers

Vincenzo Ambrosino / Hilenia De Falco





Interno5danza is a contemporary dance companion organization based in Naples, supported and recognized by the Italian ministry of culture and the region Campania, under the artistic direction of the choreographer Antonello Tudisco.

We  work in the fields of contemporary dance and theater. We love to work feeling that the human being is the base for any kind of artistic process.   The company aim is producing live performances, as well site specific performances and theatre dance shows, based on a choreographic research that investigate an artistic language that works on transversal field, mixing dance and theatre. 

Often we produce works starting of a reflection about paintings, sculptures, photos artworks , as we trust into the idea that art generate art. 

Every single gesture, is related of an authentic expression of an artistic urgency, that express the desire to be in communication with the audience, as we believe in a language which is a  mix of poetry, emotions, and senses.